Athens is located very close to Simon Ghost Town in Nevada. There are three cabins and one storage shack still standing at the townsite with another cabin about 100 yards down the road near to the mill site. The cabin above right with the shingle roof appears older than the other structures that are here. It could possibly have been moved here from another location.

This note was posted up in every cabin, it says:

This mine is for sale
Owner is Merle Swanson
Mina, Nevada
Phone 775-573-2314
I have all reports on it
Good gold silver in the ground
Merle Swanson

This shack was covered with flattend tin cans that were from the Tonopah Mining Company and the Tonopah Extension Mining company. The printing on each can is clearly legible. Shawn, who runs the Tonopah Mining Park, was stoked to check this one out!

This cabin and the mill ruins are located about 100 yards down the road from the site of Athens. What looks to be an old seat from a car sits out infront of the cabin.

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