Aurum, also known as Silver Canyon, began its history in 1878. The town struggled, with several booms and busts through the late 1930s. Today the foundations of the mill are still easily identified as well as several log cabins.

The Aurum cemetery is truly the greatest remaining feature of this old ghost. The headstones here are interesting and in a beautiful setting with the mountains to their backs.

A certain girly man, whos name will only be known to the witnesses, decided to pick up this grave board from the ground. However, when he did he startled a pretty little rattlesnake that was napping under the board. We'd post a picture here of the hilarious reaction but its really hard to focus a camera when you're pointing and laughing! We had NO IDEA anyone could scream at that pitch! Here is my reenactment of what occured: (in the actual event this manuever was followed by a swift retreat and lots of gasping):

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