Barker Ranch, as most people are aware, is the site that Manson and his followers were arrested at back in the late 1960s. The Ranch is now abandoned and within the Death Valley park boundaries. This site has alot of myths and stories attached to it - the most common of which is that Manson family members still visit and care for the ranch to this day. However, on our recent visit it was obvious that the ranch has fallen into disrepair and noone is currently taking care of the site.
We first visited Barker in the mid 90s and at the time it was in share-cabin shape. Cat is going to dig up those photos to post here and show the decline the site has taken in the 10+ years since that first visit.

This photo on the above right was taken in the bathroom at Barker and shows where the bathroom cabinet was that Manson was found hiding in. Cat works with the CHP officer, Jim, that actually found Manson in that cabinet! He said that he was running a last check of the house and he saw a brown curl sticking out the cabinet door. That small curl of hair is what alerted him to Manson's hiding spot. Jim also expressed how surprised he was to find someone able to hide in such a small space. As you can see someone removed the cabinet as a suvenir.

The swimming pool behind the ranch house and the lookout on the hill above the ranch.

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