Bass Camp is a site that Cat has been in search of for a long time. After hours of research and countless tanks of gasoline we made it!
Bass Camp was named after Albert Andrew Bass who built this cabin under the rock in the early 1900s. He and his wife Anna lived here and prospected for gold and silver for about 20 years. Roy Ladd, another miner, lived and worked here for about a year after World War II.

The boulder above the cabin has a drainage set up to collect any rainwater and drain it into a cistern at the base of the boulder.

The Bass's kept burros and the old barn and corral still stand as well as an outbuilding. It also appears to have had two other cabins at one time.

Another large cistern and what was the workshop - forge and anvil stump still recognizable.

There were lots of cans transformed into other items laying around the camp. Jim found this rock and decided that this HAD to be where the Bass's sat, ate apples and enjoyed the view.

Cat was beyond thrilled to have finally found Bass Camp and explore the area. We'll be back!

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