A panoramic shot of the Log Cabin mine and surrounding buildings


Another panoramic shot of the Log Cabin mill and its surrounding buildings

Ripley hanging out infront of the Log Cabin mine One of the pump shacks

The Log Cabin mine is one of our favorite sites! We think exploring this site is what exploring ghost towns used to be like 50 years ago! We can tell by the old equipment in the junkyard that this site was mined first back in the early 1900's and then reworked as late as the 1980's. All the equipment inside the mill buildings (and there was a TON of equipment) is in fantastic shape! We even found a brand new engine! The tag was still attached!
Tag attached to a brand new engine inside the Log Cabin Mill

Cat playing around on some equipment inside the Log Cabin Mill Chair and controls infront of some heavy equipment inside the mill
The inside of the mill buildings offered lots to explore! Cat was in heaven!

Log Cabin mine mill equipment

Ball mill inside the mill Balls for the ball mill

Ripley waits to be cut in half at the wood working shack Several mining drills just laying around
The woodworking shack still had its saw all set up and ready to go. And we found a handfull of mining drills just waiting to be used!

A workroom attached to the mill, each shelf is filled with parts and other equipment

Mike hangs out infront of whatever the heck this is Yep, its an ore cart!  Cat tried to pick this up but it would take about 10 very buff guys to do the job!

A clock stopped at 10:20 inside one of the mill buildings Ripley hangs out of one of the many pieces of machinery scattered about the site

A cabin dating back to an earlier era We found this thing in the junk yard

Mining elevator hoistCheck this out! Along with the other cool stuff that we found here (like the horse drawn whim above right) we also found this old mine cage! This was worked off an air compressor (also still there) and the ore cart tracks still lead into the opening! Only a few times have we found a mine cage like this one - a very cool site to ghost town buffs like us!
The mine itself looked very deep but we couldnt begin to know the actual depth as we couldnt see the bottom. We've been told that the mine is flooded at around the 200 foot level.

Junk in the junkyard at the Log Cabin mine and mill site
The junkyard was filled with equipment dating back to the first mining attempt here.

More inidentifiable equipment Mining wheels

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