Bloody Canyon is located in the Eastern Sierras and is a great day adventure. Cat and I have been here several times and see something new each time.
Bloody Canyon, a popular fishing and camping spot, also has a fantastic mine and mining ruins to explore. The mine is accessed via a moderate hike up a poor trail that the mountain is slowly reclaiming.

We bypassed a few switchbacks and just hiked straight up. Jen shows her 4 legged hiking method.

This powder room appears to be leaning a little more and is buried a little more since our last visit.

This WAS a Union Carbide truck that appears to have more in common with a pancake now than any truck.

You can see ladders attached to the rock face as well as another adit.

The inside of this mine was as cold as ice!

A small milling operation is located near the lakes. Not much is left except for this engine and some flattend tin.

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