panoramic photo of Bodie townsite

Bodie is a very unique and special ghost town. It most likely has the largest number of standing structures of any ghost town in the west. Bodie is run by the California State Park system and they keep the town in a state of arrested decay ~ meaning they protect the remaining buildings but do not make any outward signs of improvements.
Cat and I visit Bodie at least once a year - its such an amazing place! And everytime we go, we find something new to explore. We've even found some artifacts, an old jar, an old zipper and a child's shoe! But as much as Cat would loved to have taken one of these things home with her she didnt - because of the Bodie Curse!

Bodie ghost town

drunken building? Supposedly, when someone takes home a souvenir of Bodie, say an old can, a piece of wood, whatever, they will fall victim to the Bodie Curse. These people have bad luck until the item is returned.
There are numerous letters in the museum from tourists that did exactly that and then had HORRIBLE luck. Whether its true or not who needs help with bad luck, NOT ME! Good thing there's no curse involved with the squirrels, I'd be bummed!

On one visit to Bodie Cat was joined by the Fox 11 Los Angeles film crew. Cat was interviewed for a 1/2 hour ghost town special which aired in May 2003. To see photos of the filming please follow this link.

wreck of car infront of Bodie Mill

Ruins of a car and home at Bodie Ghost Town Inside one out the outlying shacks within the Bodie townsite

The Bodie cemetary is probably the most photographed ghost town in the west!
View of Bodie ghost town from cemetary

Bodie cemetary sign-kind of ironic, dontcha think?

Bodie tombstone Bodie tombstone

Bodie from the air

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