Bonanza, also known as Bonanza City, was discovered in the 1870s and the town was actually being built before a road was made to this rugged area. Quite a few buildings are still standing today in Bonanza and we had a fantastic time exploring the cabins and scenic surrounding mountains.

Bonanza got Cat's GHOST TOWN THUMBS UP! This is closely related to the ghost town dance, just a bit more toned down and with alot less wiggling.

No sooner had we pointed out this oddly placed one-holer than Doc decided to give it a test drive. He seemed confused when we all started laughing.

Bonanza has two cemeteries. One of these cemeteries protects the final remains of Richard King, Agnes Elizabeth King and Robert Hawthorne. A quick recap of the story:
Richard and Agnes "Lizzie" King came to Bonanza in 1878. Richard sold real estate and Lizzie opened the Arcade Saloon and the Yankee Fork Dance Hall. When Richard was killed in an argument, Lizzie was not allowed to bury him in the town cemetery, so, the owner of the local hotel, Charles Franklin, who had more than a casual liking for the Lizzie, fenced off a separate plot with room for himself and the Kings. Then handsome Robert Hawthorne came to town and swept Lizzie off of her feet and into a quick marriage. A week after the wedding, Lizzie and her new husband were mysteriously shot and killed in her home. Franklin buried them beside Richard King in the tiny cemetery. Several years later, Franklin was found dead in his lonely cabin, clutching Lizzie's photo in a gold locket.

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