The Chemung Mill

Chemung Mine and Mill


The first time Cat and I were out here at the mill site we ran into an old guy that said he'd been visiting this site since the early 70's. He said he knew some of the history of the place and that he liked to spend most of his nights during the summer here. But, he NEVER spent the night on Saturdays. Both mine and Cat's interests were piqued.
According to the old geezer the "ghost" wouldn't let him spend Saturday nights on the property. He said that the ghost physically threw him off the property! HELLO! Cat and I didn't hang around too much longer after that!
But the very next Saturday.....

We camped out on the property behind the mill, made a nice fire, ate some good food and waited. And waited. And waited! Nothing! We even cruised around in the mill hoping to see something but the "ghost" obviously didnt mind, we had a nice quiet night.

Chemung's equipment wheels

So, anyone else camped here and have any stories to share? If so, please let me and Cat know, we'd LOVE to hear about it!

Chemung mine shot taken from the road

The Chemung mine was discovered and named by Stephen Kavanaugh around 1900. Chemung was named after his hometown in Illinois and the mine produced more than a million dollars worth of ore in its lifetime. Also, Kavanaugh ridge, southwest of Chemung in the Sierras, where the ghost town Dunderberg is located, was named after Stephen Kavanaugh where he drove a gold vein tunnel nearby.
One of three engine bases I found on the site a bunch of old equipment can be found inside the Chemung mill

Some odd mill equipment

Chemung mill equipment

It's our guess that the buildings still standing here are from the 30's or 40's. There are several older foundations, possibly dating back to the turn on the century, that can be found in the aspen trees on the south side of the meadow.

A view looking from Chemung towards Bridgeport The sun going down at Chemung during fire season

One of the many buildings at Chemung
Sadly time, vandals and the elements have not been kind to the Chemung mine. The headframe and two cabins have collapsed as well as the rear of the "barn looking" section of the mill in just the last 10 years. We've also seen many artifacts go missing and the entire site is literally covered with bullet holes. It breaks our hearts to see such a cool historical site shown such ill respect.



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