Clair Camp is an amazing place! We were very surprised when we visited this site due to the large number of ruins and artifacts! However, we've been told that vandals have done quite a bit of damage in the last ten years or so.
We were told an interesting story about this camp. Back in the late 60s or early 70s there was a caretaker at this mine that was a convicted felon. Apparently when two men drove up to explore the area the caretaker robbed and murdered them both. In the process of covering up his crime, however, another vehicle drove into camp and witnessed the caretaker attempting to hide one of the bodies. The driver of the vehicle immediately turned around and drove down the canyon and to the nearest phone where he reported the crime. This story, however, has not been checked out and could just be a local myth.

We found these children handprints dated 1956 in the cement of the fireplace in one of the buildings at camp.

Our buddy Stephanie standing inside of the cyanide tanks that lay about the site.

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