Custer is located just 2 miles north of Bonanza and the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge. Custer was named after General Custer who had not long before met his demise at the hands of the Battle of Little Big Horn. The town began in the 1870s and has a very colorfull and interesting history. The forest service now runs the town with a really wonderful museum, store, and both volunteers and employees on hand to tell old stories about the town.

The grave on the right states that this man's reason of death is "OVERDRUNK". This caused a somewhat heated discussion on what exactly overdrunk means. Cat concluded that the mans wife was likely OVER him being drunk all the time and killed him. Anyone have any better ideas?

The grave on the left is that of a young man that fell attempting to hang a flag, the graves on the right are those of three children that were killed in a snowslide that destroyed their home.

Whats left of the 30 stamp General Custer mill. We were told that both the General Custer mill and mulitple cabins around Custer were burnt down to keep hippies from moving into them.

Liz wanted to explore EVERY INCH of Custer!

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