Delamar is an exceptional ghost town! There are rock ruins spread over a great many acres and it would take us quite a few days to cover the whole place on foot. As it was we returned here on three different days and still didnt see even half of all there is to see.
We divided our time between the ruins above ground and the mine workings underground. It was quite a trip!

Our little buddy Squirrel Buttons, while walking among the ruins, found this old padlock and an egg beater.

The Delamar Cemetary has seen years of harsh weather and has been scavenged by vandals. We cant imagine what goes through the mind of a sick-o stealing a headstone or gravemarkers! All that remains are a small handfull of wooden headboards and crosses that are illegible and one broken marble headstone. The Helene cemetary is often confused for the Delamar cemetary and can be seen on the main road leading into the townsite. The true Delamar cemetary is harder to access and farther away from the townsite.

Thanks to Outlaw Brad for these photos of Cat in the mine.

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