Elkhorn is one of Cat's top 5 favorite ghost towns! This site is amazing! Its not difficult to figure out why Elkhorn is one of the most photographed ghost towns in the American West.

When we were here (Oct 2000) it was POURING rain. It didnt stop Cat. Infact, she was covered in mud from head to toe by the time she was finished exploring the site!

The odd thing about Elkhorn's cemetary: there are several single headstones for multiple children. Children from differnet families but the children had died on the same day and all of these headstones were dated the same year. There were three of them like that, here are they're photos. Odd.

Kristi Mills emailed us with the information that the childrens graves dated September 1888 through August 1889 died from the result of a very hard winter and a diphtheria epidemic. Thank you Kristi!
We also found some information that explains one of the graves:
*Great Falls Tribune Parade Oct 9, 1949, Elkhorn Among Best Preserved of Montana's Mining Camps: 'On the afternoon of Sep 27, 1889, Harry Walton, who was nearly 9, and Albin Nelson, 10, found a quicksilver drum which had been loaded with black powder. It was the custom of the camp to fill these quicksilver containers with black powder, and then set off an explosion as a feature of some celebration or other. This was always done by adults, however. Somehow one of these loaded quicksilver drums had been overlooked, to be found by the two boys. Somehow they succeeded in setting off an explosion, in which they were blown to bits. A joint funeral was held a day or two later and the shattered remains were buried in a single grave.'

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