Oh yeah, Cat LOVED this one!

And how could she not? This ghost town is a real gem! Of course, it was raining when we were here but that didnt make any difference to us, this place was a complete blast to explore!

Garnet is a state run park so there is an entrance fee but its worth it. The buildings are in FANTASTIC shape!

These two story structures were still in sound shape and we were able to explore the upper floors. What a kick! The photo of Mike and Cat on the right was taken infront of the honeymoon cabin, which was appropriate since it was there honeymoon!

This mill is just outside the townsite of Garnet. The mill as well as a bunch of other small cabins can be found in the canyon leading up to Garnet. On the road into Garnet we saw two separate herds of mule deer as well as a few elk.

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