Grand Gulch Copper mine


Cat visits the Grand Gulch mine via atv.

Cat, her hubby Mike and several friends visited the Grand Gulch Copper Mine during an atv trip. Cat was surprised by the number of ruins and thier good condition. Its her guess that this mine was reworked over the years, up through possibly the 40s.

The remains at the mine were impressive, lots of equipment and even an ore bucket still attached to the apparatus used to send it down the mine elevator.

During another part of the trip we came across another small copper mine. The collapsed cabin's door said it was Covey's Siberia. Considering how far away from civilization this site is we have to agree that it must have felt like Siberia to the mine workers.

When Cat wasnt exploring the mines she was VERY busy keeping up with the rest of the gang! This was Cat's first atv trip and it kicked her hiney, but she'll be back for more in the future!!!!!!!


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