There isnt much left at Lucky Boy. We walked the site and found lots of debris including broken glass, cement foundations, and scattered wood planks. Jami found an old wash bin. There are also several mines here, as you can see from the tailing piles in the top photo.

Cat was poking around around some rusted tin cans when she found this scorpion. She was a little surprised at first but then she got out her camera and took a picture. I think, in her mind, as long as its not a rattlesnake she's ok it.
We also found this bed frame! The only real sign that there was once a thriving community here back in the late 1800's.
By walking around through the sage brush its fairly easy to see where the structures were located, but
we're guessing that Lucky Boy was more of a tent city in its day. That would explain the lack of structures, wood and ruins.

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