Mangum Mill


Mangum was a mining company town that grew up not far from the townsite of Aurora in 1912 and while it never grew to be as large as Aurora it ran sporadically till about the time of World War I. Not a long time but long enough for a small town with many buildings, including shops, cottages, warehouses and bunkhouses to be built.
Cat visited the site of Mangum almost by accident. She had assumed that Mangum, a dry town, was buried underneath the tailings from the newer mining operation near Aurora.
She came across these ruins and almost immediately recognized them from photos she had seen in several books including Stanley's Paher's NEVADA GHOST TOWNS AND MINING CAMPS. And she was exstatic!

Located in Mangum is a mill, the mine superintendant's house, a workshop, a boarding house and several small miners cabins.


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