Marietta Ghost Town

Marietta is fun semi ghost town in Nevada. There was a never ending supply of critters to chase here! Such fun. Cat seemed stoked on the old crumbling cabins and the mines. In fact, there were so many mines we didnt get to even half of them!

On our first trip Cat and I were in the hills near Marietta looking for crystals on a tip from friends Richard and Shane (never did find that crystal cave!). We came across an old mine claim stake with an attached tobacco can. Inside the can was the basic claim info dated September 1988, along with an invitation to the claim owners cabin for a cup of coffee! But, unfortunately, while checking out the cemetary in Marietta, we found the claim owners grave site. Must have been a cool old guy, we were sorry we were too late.

Over the years we have returned to Marietta several times and have started to notice the buildings are deteriorating. We made an attempt to keep this building standing. Compare this picture with the two at the top of the page.

And unfortunately, on our most recent visit, we saw that this wonderful old cabin has succumbed to the elements.

As usual, Cat lets me run ahead of the car most of the day. I LIVE TO RUN! It must be the Malamute in me. Check out the picture below....Cat caught me in action!

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