For several years Cat has been interested in hiking up to the Minaret Mine. In 2007 she finally did! And it was definitely worth it!

Its been difficult to find much information about the Minaret mine but we did find an article from 1929 that stated workers had reached the 300 foot level of the mine and were working on plans of installing a 50 ton flotation milling plant. We also know that legendary dog musher Tex Couchane made regular supply, mail and whisky runs to the mine during the winter months.

We received an email from John Woodson that filled in some gaps about the later history of the Minaret mine. The mine was owned by Dr Ralph York who invited up friends and family to work at the mine every summer from the 1960s through the 1990s. They worked the mine but the trips were more about friendship and fun. Dr York reverted the claims to the Forest Service in the late 1990s. There were several structures standing at the time that John and Dr York were working the mine, it is assumed that the Forest Service tore them down for safety reasons.
Here is a map that John made of the mine and workings:

These two photos were sent to me by John Woodson of his group constructing the tipple house over the Beasore shaft. Dr York is in the black hat in the photo on the right:

Beaudry relaxes after a long day

Jim was having a little bit of trouble with his bivy sack.

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