This mining camp was AMAZING! Unfortunately Cat didnt take nearly enough photos while we were here because she was too busy exploring the place - so the photos here dont truly represent how cool this place is!
This site is private property and has a full time caretaker. If you can guess this mining camps general location and would like to visit this site please email us for the caretakers contact information.

There are about a dozen buildings here - all in fantastic shape. Most are still filled with mining equipment and furniture, as if the miners are coming back at any minute.
There is a hoist house, machine shop, a school house, miners homes, and more!

There were several miners changing rooms with these baskets. The miners would change before their shift and put thier belongings into the baskets and then pull a chain to suspend the basket up against the ceiling. After thier shift the miners would hang thier wet clothes from the baskets and again lift the basket up to the ceiling. By their next shift their work clothes would be dry and ready to go.

This control room was left as if the hoist controler would be right back. Magazines, books and catalogs were sitting on the shelf and even the phone still worked!

The two room school house was pretty cool! There are still the old school desks, some books and other supplies. While we were here we signed our names to the blackboard!

And then we explored the mine! We found several ore cars, a canteen, and other assorted mining supplies and equipment.

Cat sends out a BIG thanks to Marion, Ben, and Lee for making this trip one of our very favorites!

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