Cat and I, along with our exploring buddies: Outlaw Brad, Squirrelbuttons, Nevada Shawn, Goat Jim, ATV Rob and Ghost town explorers Lewis and Randi explored the Mohican mine together recently. It was definitely worth the visit! There were 10 to 12 buildings all in fairly decent shape and a mine that held lots of surprises!

We found this IN/OUT board inside one of the cabins. We're guessing that this was the way the miners kept track of whom was in or out of the mine during daily shifts. And then we found this handicap toilet secured to a wall in what appeared to be one of the bunkhouses. The wall behind it was covered with what appeared to be dark board scores.

The mines first surprise was this full box of LEAKING dynomite. Oh yeah, Cat and I immediately went the other way!

We also found this old skip with the cable still attached!

And then the SCORE of the day went to Goat Jim who found both a pick and a shovel!

This mine rocked! We'll be back!

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