Montezuma is located on private property. But we were lucky enough to run into the owner, Ken and his dog Windy. Granted, when Ken and Windy pulled up with several rifles mounted on the front of his atv and looking ready to call the cops we were a bit nervous. But we sweet talked him into giving us a mini tour of the area and had a really great time. There are still mill foundations, the general store, large brick oven, survey monmuments and other structure ruins at the site.
Ken shared with us an old bottle he found under the floorboards of the store; its a John Wyeth medicine bottle with the pills still safely inside. After some research we believe them to be licorace pills. Pretty cool, huh?
Montezuma was first discovered by Mexicans in the mid-19th century. The site was occupied on a larger scale from 1867 through the early 1900s. Ken told us that the ore from Montezuma had to be shipped by wagon train all the way to Austin, Nevada as that was the closest mill until one was built at the site in 1860s. However, the five stamp mill only ran for 1 year. It was dismantled and moved to Cherry Creek due to poor production at Montezuma.

R.I.P. Windy the Wonder Dog!

We miss you girl!

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