Palmetto is located on the 168/266 HWY from Big Pine to Gold Point. We have been here before but this visit we took a little extra time to really explore, take photographs and CHASE JACKRABBITS!

This photo shows the site of the old mill, quite an imposing structure in its day. There is red brick scattered all around, the only remnants of the old smoke stack.
And the "oven" that leads back into the hill is a blast to explore!

On the left, this is the old post office, from back in 1906. Theres a couple of critters in residence here, and thats all since the time that it closed back in the 1910's.

And here on the right is the old stage stop building. I had a blast exploring this one! It seems to house a couple of lizards and I gave them a great scare! Too fun!

Palmetto and the surrounding area is simply loaded with little mines and structures tucked away in the hills and gulches! Just about all of the dirt roads that branch off from the highway lead you to some treasure or another! We didnt have time to explore them all, but we'll be back!

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