The Peacedove mine is one that Cat has wanted to visit for a very long time! Some of her exploring buddies have raved about what a cool place this was so when she was invited on thier latest trip she jumped at the chance. However, because she expected the majority of the trip to be underground in mines, climbing up multiple ladders and other assorted things that I'm not particularly interested in she left me home with Mike and Cerro. BUMMER!

Here's Cat's favorite part of the Peacedove...THE ORE CART STILL ON THE TRACKS!

Dan gave Sheila and Cat an ore cart ride, TOO MUCH FUN!

Brad & William checking out the tracks leading to lower levels

Sheila climbs up a raise to another level

So I bet your wondering what I did the whole time Cat was out exploring and having fun?

Just hung out a home with my hedgehog

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