In my life and travels I have been very blessed to have met some truly wonderful people. One of the very best was Richard Kiehlmeier. Richard was the kind of guy you wanted to know and be around, he was funny and warm and gave the greatest bear hugs! Sometimes his humor was dry and sometimes it was just that twinkle in his eye - whatever it was you wanted to be around him.
Some of my favorite memories of Richard involved his MAD LUCK! Twice I recall him winning sizeable jackpots in the funniest circumstances. Once in Beatty he won over $3000 in a tiny motel casino. I'll never forget how angry the cashier was when she counted out the money into Richard's hands. He was glowing and you couldnt help but laugh out loud. He bought us breakfast (we teased him to spring for the days gas money as well).
Another time we were in the Montgomery City casino. We'd spent a long day ghost towning and off roading - not more than 10 minutes after arriving at the casino Richard won at least $300 in a slot machine. He bought us all dinner and paid for the last remaining room in the motel for the four of us to share. I still remember how proud he looked, but also like he was the mouse that stole the cheese! We laughed all the way through dinner.
And then there is the infamous crystal cave near Marietta. Shane and Richard told me about this cave completely covered with quarts crystals in the hills near Marietta. Mike and I went searching for it ourselves without any luck. So then on our next trip Richard scoured those hills only to come up empty. Rob and I teased Shane and Richard unmercifully about that cave! Whenever I'm near Marietta I still think about that cave and wonder if someone else ever found it. Its like the Lost Cement mine of crystal caves.
But the thing I will remember most about Richard is his smile. He was always smiling! He was a great ghost towner, a wonderful joker, and a world class man!

I am a better person for having him in my life.

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