A small group of us were able to secure a tour of the Round Mountain Gold Mine, a large open pit operation in western Nevada. The highlight of the trip was the gold pouring room where we were shown the process of melting the gold ore and then pouring it into the ingot molds. It was a fascinating process and one we felt very lucky to see.

Did you know that each of these huge trucks carries a price tag of over $2 million? The tires alone are $40,000 each!

The open pit is 1 1/2 miles long and almost 1 mile wide.

We also had the rare treat of witnessing a small section of the pit blasted.

A VERY LARGE Thank you to the staff at the Round Mountain Gold Mine, especially Tinker. We had such a fantastic time and truly appreciate your attention and hospitality to our group! It was a wonderful experience that we all feel very privileged to have been apart of!

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