This mining camp is one that Cat was interested in visiting for many years. She is friends with a very nice man that grew up at this mine and who told us some very interesting stories about this place. One of his most interesting stories happend during one very heavy winter. A native american family traveled by foot almost 20 miles to their camp asking for help, they needed milk to feed a newborn baby. The family at the mine gave them all the milk they had in order to save the babies life. This was a large financial strain to the family at the mine, at a time when they could ill afford to share their food. However, they did so without thought - thats what families and neighbors did, especially when they were so isolated from civilization. The baby lived.
An interesting twist to this story: Dezdan uncovered a news story from 1952 about two native american teenagers that murdered a crippled man who was serving as a mine caretaker for a site close to the Secret Mine. Cat showed this article to her friend who confirmed that one of the boys was infact the baby that his family had helped save so many years before.

The workshop here is full of mining and assay equipment.

The date in cement at the base of this tram is 2-3-34

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