Cat and her family visited Silver City in May of 2006 while in the area for a whitewater rafting trip. The towns owner, J Paul Corlew and his host, little Cleo, were extremely friendly and welcoming. They told us some ghost stories about the town as well as some of its interesting history. There are over 20 historic buildings here that were all rescued from local area mining camps by the previous town owner. They include a bank, a jail, a saloon, post office, a miners cabin, a blacksmith shop, a country store and more! And there are artifacts all over the town both in and outside of the buildings.

Cat and Cleo

Our favorite building was the saloon. The inside is richly decorated with artifacts from the mining era. It is also the most haunted building on the property. The most sightings of apparitions happen here. Unfortunately we didnt see anything spooky.

We had a wonderful time here at Silver City! Thanks so much to J. and Chloe!

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