Soap Creek is a railroad/logging camp that dates from the late 1930s to the time it was abandoned in 1965. At that time the Pickering Lumber Co donated the property to the Boy Scouts who use a portion of the property to this day.
An interesting note in regards to the cabins here at Soap Creek, they were all hauled in individually on railroad cars. Almost all the of the cabins are still sitting ontop of their original skips. The majority of the cabiins have fallen into disrepair with the exception of a small handfull that are still used by the boy scouts.

Andrea, Katey, Tabi, Brian, Erika and Beaudry

In the photo above right you can see Mike standing next to a cabin that still sits on its original skips.

Could the sign below be related at all the bed in the rafters of this cabin?

We LOVED Soap Creek! After Brian ate the creature he found in this nest we thanked him for the wonderful tour!

The only current resident at Soap Creek

Brian's Soap Creek website

Historical Photos of Soap Creek

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