Cat, Andrew and Jim ~ before the difficult section of the hike


The Summit mine is now one of Cat's most favorite sites! Unfortunately, I was gounded on the trip, I'd broken off a nail/claw and was under "house arrest" for the month.
So Cat made this hike with her buddies Jim (from now on known as Goat Jim) and Andrew. The three of them hiked up the 6+ mile trail to the site of the Summit mine, a steep and strenuous trail that at times hugged the side of a mountain and made Cat pretty nervous.

Thanks to Dale for this photo The trail could get difficult and narrow in spots
Thanks to Dale for the tree on the trail photo.

But it was OH SO WORTH IT!

We came around a corner and there is was! A closer look

Inside all kinds of goodies could be found!

Inside the mine was a living area, working area and then the mine. The living area was especially interesting! There were two beds, a table, a chair, a set of shelves, several barrels (in different states of decay), several shovels and even a couple of jackets on the bed posts.

Goat Jim found a handwritten note inside a can on the table in the living area that said "Whoever took the dishes and silverware please return it before supper. ~Miner Zeb". It was written on a piece of paper torn out of a small notebook, and Cat guesses that it cant be more than a couple of years old. But still, it was a fun find.

Cat also took video of this trip! Want a copy? Email Cat!

Some dillhole has stolen the anvil, one of the old jackets and several other artifacts from the Summit mine.

Thanks to Dale for the update and photo.

My Summit Mine hiking partner's site, his photos are much better than mine!

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