Cat and Mike had the opportunity to tour the Sunshine Mine in September 2005. Cat was VERY excited to see the mine and the property because she had read so much about the site. The Sunshine Mine is one of the largest producers of silver, mining more silver than the entire Comstock combined. Unfortunately the Sunshine mine is most infamous for a mine fire that killed 91 miners in 1972. If you are unfamiliar with this story we recommend you read "THE DEEP DARK" by Greg Olsen, it reads like fiction and gives a very moving and first hand account of the incident.

Cat and Mike received a surface tour as well as a short tour of the Jewel Shaft entrance. The hoistman, Curtis, gave a demonstration of how the hoist works and the bell communication system. Steve,Danny, Mike and Ray gave us a demonstration of the mining elevators.

The Sunshine Mine Memorial dedicated to the 91 miners that perished here in 1972.

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