Cat and Ripley at Dante's View in Death Valley


Hiking up Convict Canyon Cat and I have been seriously exploring ghost towns for the last 20 years or so. However, Cat has been an exploraholic all her life!
This website started out as merely a way to show off all of our ghost town pictures that we'd normally corner a house guest into looking at. Since the website's inseption in 1997 we've come into contact with other ghost town nuts and made life long friendships! Our goal is to visit and explore all the ghost towns in the western United States.
This is and will always be a free website. We will never ask for money or "support" because we love sharing our passion for ghost towns.
We defintely have the GHOST TOWN FEVER!

Snowboarding with Jami and Ed at Mammoth Mountain At the Mammoth Lakes 4th of July parade 2001

Cat freefalling high above Perris Valley, CA Cat riding her atv in Arizona, fall 2002

We also enjoy other hobbies like hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, shooting, skydiving, rockhounding, photography, riding atvs, whitewater rafting and stand up comedy! (especially Larry the Cable Guy)

Our Cool TJ GHOSTWN licence plate
Cat is also an avid off roader! We are a die hard JEEP family! Our old car was a Susuki Sidekick. We killed it.
Ghost towning is not for wimps!


Our newest family member, Hoss.

Genna, Teri, Cat, Me, Mike, Dave and Lee at the House Wedding, September 2000 Cat got married to Mike, the love of her life, in September 2000. I was in the wedding too, I was the flower-dog!

Cat and I have been dragging Mike along on our adventures for over 8 years and we'd finally decided to make an honest man out of him!

We added to our family first with Cerro, on Oct 19,2001
Cerro, named after Cerro Gordo ghost town, was 11 weeks old when we adopted her Cerro and I are best pals!
Cerro, named after Cerro Gordo ghost town, was 11 weeks old when we adopted her.

Then with Beaudry on June 11, 2002

Beaudry, named after Victor Beaudry from Cerro Gordo history, was 10 weeks old when we adopted her.

And then with Keeler, rescued from living behind a restaurant in the snow, February 2005, at about the age of 6 months.

Keeler was named after the town of Keeler - which supplied goods to Cerro Gordo in the heyday. He's a polydactyl - he's got 6 toes on each paw.

And again with Custer on April 20, 2008.

Custer is a German Sheppard/Akita/Chow mix, he was 2 years old when we adopted him from the Big Pine Animal Shelter. He was named after Custer, Idaho - one of our favorite ghost towns.


Cat is also an organ donor. In the fall of 1999 Cat donated her right kidney to her mom with the help of the wonderful transplant team at UCSD hospital. Mom is doing fantastic and, other than a scar, the loss of a kidney has had no effect on Cat's lifestyle at all. She still hikes, backpacks, off roads, sky dives, etc! We STRONGLY encourage everyone to investigate the option of organ donation! Its the biggest, and easiest, gift you can give!

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